Hello Grandma and Grandpa -Pregnancy Announcement Onesie Gift Box


♥If you are looking for the most meaningful, memorable, and fun way to tell the big news, our Pregnancy Announcement Onesie Box is the perfect gift!

♥As the lucky recipients open the mysterious box, Watch their faces light up when they discover the onesie that introduce them to their new status.

♥Let’s customise the gift box, tell us below the recipient’s name and the sender’s name (that’s you!)


Surprise, you’re going to be grandparents!

What the lucky grandparents will receive:

*A white box

*Tissue paper to wrap the onesie

*White Cotton Onesie 0-3 months: Hello Grandma and Grandpa

*Card: Pink or Blue, all we know is we are due

Note: As we don’t want to spoil the surprise, the box is white without any writing, so no mention of the word BABY or BUMP


Processing time: it typically takes 1-2 days to make a pregnancy announcement onesie box

Shipping: we do 2-3 day shipping.

We love chatting with you guys and would love to help your announcement be perfect and everything you’ve ever imagined. So don’t hesitate to send us a message info@bumpandblush.com if you have any questions.



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